Gorse Mulching

Gorse be Gone!

Getting control of a gorse infestation can be a tough task. Most people are familiar with gorse spraying but that can take months to take affect and then you are still left with the dead plant anyway. gorse mulching is an efficient and cost effective way to tackle your gorse problem. Gorse mulching gets the job done fast and breaks down the gorse into small mulch which breaks down quickly and the area can be used straight away.

Dan from Ecomulch is a great choice for mulching your gorse problem. They have an advantage over other mulchers by having a bi-tracked skid vehicle which boasts 100HP and is far more manoeuvrable than standard tractor towed mulchers. This means he can get into all those tight areas that others.

Mulching is a great choice for almost any other clearing task. Due to the manoeuvrability of Ecomulch’s vehicle, there is no need to pick up your pruned branches and leaf matter to row them up for the mulcher to come through. Just leave them where they are and the mulcher will be able to mulch it where it lays.

Don’t let gorse or other invasive growth hold you back. Get in touch with Dan today!