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Hello and welcome to the first post of Forward Thinking – Thinking Forward!

We are a health and info blog based on bringing the most goundbreaking and relevant Health News in the health sector. There are great innovations and breakthroughs occuring on a a daily basis in the health secotr and we strive to bring those to you as soon as they are known.

Not every post will be about new advancements in technology or scientific breakthroughs. We aim to cover new ways for acheving the already proven treatments and medical procedures. So much focus is on creating new medicines and techniqies to cure the uncurable that we often overlook people comming up with ways of doing the mundane well. We hope to capture these people and ensure the less popular victories are published.

So sit tight and check back regularly for timely updates on the health of the world and the challenges and changes we face moving into the future.

Foward Thinking – Thinking forward!