Passive Houses

Passive homes with passive architecture provide great benefits to their dwellers besides having no temperature disparity from one room to another, no cold drafts or very minimal cooling or heating bills. Since the initial passive house design by Dr. Wolfgang Feist, this building concept has proved to be a success through observations of other houses that have been constructed using this model. Check out more interesting facts at VIA-Architecture Below are the various advantages of passive homes.


Passive houses offer a high level of comfort to their residents. Passive homes have windows that are glazed several times than the ordinary ones as well as insulated frames and the interior of the building that ensures that the warmth in your home remains at the desirable levels. The building concept also ensures that 75% of your home warmth is transferred efficiently by the heat recovery system. This perceived warmth comes from the air coming to the house as well as the exhaust air to the fresh. The high-efficiency ventilation system continuously replaces the humid, stale and polluted air.         

Your relaxation comfort in your home is also boosted by the ventilation systems which supplies the fresh air consistently and ensuring that the air in your home is free from dust and pollen. In passive homes, those with respiratory problems or allergies are well taken care of to enjoy maximum benefits possible.


Passive houses only utilize about 10% of the energy which translates to massive energy savings of up to 90%. In passive homes, residents do not require massive cooling and heating systems to enjoy the desirable temperatures in your home. The heating demand in passive is so low such that many architectural experts suggest that two light bulbs can heat your room and reach the temperatures of up to 20°C.


The passive homes support the environment or appear to be eco-friendly in many different ways such as the usage of building materials that environmentally friendly. Additionally, the residents can also decide to install solar panels because of the low energy usage which is a big contribution to the environment because there is no or less air pollution involved.  


Passive homes are very affordable in many different ways, and it starts by the premium that is offered by the many countries across the globe which highly supports the construction of building with this model. Besides the feasibility of the passive homes forms the governments’ support, the residents greatly benefit from the installation of big and expensive cooling and heating systems. The residents also benefit from having to pay higher bills because the cost of heating and cooling will also be lower. The real cost-effectiveness will greatly be felt over the long-term period.

Quality constructed model

Because of high set standards that must be achieved in most countries, the passive homes to be constructed are most likely to be desirable. The passive homes constructed should achieve the certification standards that were set by Passivhaus Institut, the German institution where the passive home concept was first designed. The residents will, therefore, likely to receive the passive home that will not only enable them to enjoy the benefits that are mentioned above, but they will also have passive houses that are well-built and durable.


Gorse Mulching

Gorse be Gone!

Getting control of a gorse infestation can be a tough task. Most people are familiar with gorse spraying but that can take months to take affect and then you are still left with the dead plant anyway. gorse mulching is an efficient and cost effective way to tackle your gorse problem. Gorse mulching gets the job done fast and breaks down the gorse into small mulch which breaks down quickly and the area can be used straight away.

Dan from Ecomulch is a great choice for mulching your gorse problem. They have an advantage over other mulchers by having a bi-tracked skid vehicle which boasts 100HP and is far more manoeuvrable than standard tractor towed mulchers. This means he can get into all those tight areas that others.

Mulching is a great choice for almost any other clearing task. Due to the manoeuvrability of Ecomulch’s vehicle, there is no need to pick up your pruned branches and leaf matter to row them up for the mulcher to come through. Just leave them where they are and the mulcher will be able to mulch it where it lays.

Don’t let gorse or other invasive growth hold you back. Get in touch with Dan today!


Sciatica – What is it and what causes it.

Statistics shows that up to 84 percent of adults experience low back pain at a point in their lives, and sciatica affecting almost 40 percent of those having low back pain. Since the long-term outcome of a low back pain is commonly favorable, the persistent symptoms usually affect thousands of people. Sciatica accounts for about 5 percent of people having back pain who end up physically challenged, as well as for up to 75 percent of the costs related to low back pain. Non-invasive intervention, like physical therapy, is a vital tool that plays a significant role in lowering healthcare costs. We were looking for a good hong kong chiropractor (脊醫介紹) for more information so we asked the talented chiropractors at TSTCC. You also visit their website for more information.

What is Sciatica?
Sciatica usually describes the leg pain symptoms and possibly tingling, weakness or numbness that originates in your lower back, travels through the buttock and down the sciatic nerve at the back of your leg.
Sciatica isn’t a medical diagnosis, it’s a symptom of underlying medical conditions, such as degenerative disc disease, spinal stenosis or lumbar herniated disc. Sciatica is usually characterized by a combination of the symptoms given below:
i).Constant pain in one side of your leg or buttock (rarely can it occur in both legs)
ii).Pain that worsens when sitting.
iii).Leg pain often described as tingling, burning, or searing.
iv).Numbness, weakness or difficulties when moving the foot or leg.
v).Excruciating pain that makes it difficult to walk or stand.

Treating Sciatica Symptoms Due to Low Back Pain
1. Iontophoresis: provides means of administering drugs transdermally using low, direct current to put into place the affected tissues of your low back. Frequently, it’s used when delivering anti-inflammatory drugs to the local tissues. Another benefit of iontophoresis is the electrical current that can reduce symptoms through blocking pain receptors.
2. Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS). TENS is a treatment modality for the back. It uses a current of low voltage to relieve pain. The nerve stimulation is useful for treatment since it causes local release of neurotransmitters like serotonin to block pain signals in the brain.
3. Ultrasound: Ultrasound is usually recommended prior to stretching of piriformis muscles. It’s a form of deep heating where sound waves are introduced into the skin, therefore, penetrating into the tissues. Ultrasound is useful in relieving acute pain and also enhances tissue healing.
4. Traction table; a traction table works under a theory that; separation of lumbar vertebrae will lower spinal nerve impingement and decrease the pressure on the discs.
5. Laser Therapy (LT): laser therapy helps to relieve inflammation, muscle tension, spasms, aches, fluid retention, stiffness, and pain. In addition, LT improves lymph and blood circulation range of motion, overall flexibility, as well as increased tissue elasticity. Studies show that exercise combined with Laser Therapy reduces pain drastically and increases the lumbar range of motion in low back pain patients.
Low back pain is a costly drain on individuals and healthcare. When left untreated, it can cause further problems, like Sciatica, hence increasing its detrimental effect. However, physical therapy is timely as well as a cost-effective way of combating the effects of Sciatica together with low back pain, thus helps low back pain patients get back to the ways of living a pain-free life.

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